1980 Movements

Movements for this year:-

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Based Aircraft noted this year
23 Sqn 56 Sqn
A XV406 A XV469
B XV486 Replaced by XV414 in May B XV464
C XV422 C XV482
D XV432 D XV424 Alcock and Brown scheme
E XV423 E XV409
F XV430 F XV474
G XV402 G XV494
H XV404 H XV410
J XV434 J  XV437
K XV500 K XV466
L XV499 L XV495
M XV478 N XV401
N XV408 Q XV409
O XV483 T XT909
P XT908 Replaced by XV485 by 27/08 Z XT891
Q XV497
R XV414 Crashed into North Sea 09/12
S XV476
X XV474 Replaced by XT903 by 30/07