Spotlight - Return to APC

Paul Adams returned to Akrotiri, a once familiar haunt for Wattisham's Phantoms. Pictures by Andy Cragg

Left - Chris's Kebab Place, where we spent a lot of our money on good food and local brews. Many good parties!

Right - Floor painting by 56(F) Groundcrew, painted circa 1990.




Left - FGR2 XV470/Bravo-Delta, still in good shape in 'use' as a BDR airframe.

Below- Our old dispersal showing the Armourers hut - also behind the Hawk is the shed we used for the Cab's being fixed. In 1990 I was at the top of the lighting tower just behind the main hut as the aircrew did a LOW-level flypast, the first aircraft through was lower than me!

Below - Paintings still on the Armourers hut. Memories!





Below - C-130J outside the main hangar in which we put the aircraft each night.