"Czech Mate"

The pair arrive across 05 thresholdSeptember 2006 provided a welcome sight as a pair of very rare Eastern European helicopters dropped into Wattisham on their way to RAF Leuchars in Scotland to participate in the annual Battle of Britain Airshow taking place there.



Mi-24V 7355The 2 aircraft were in the form of a Czech Republic Air Force Mil Mi-24V  "Hind" attack and anti-tank helicopter as well as a Mil Mi-17 "Hip" medium lift transport helicopter.


Mi-17 0825


Both aircraft were from the Prerov based 23.zVrL, the Hind (serial 7355) was from the 231.vrl with the Hip (serial 0825) being operated by the 232.vrl.


Wattisham pan with the rare visitors


Prerov is based in the far East of the Czech Republic, so the long journey to Leuchars was by necessity broken up into small sectors with associated refuelling stops.



Hind head-on    Hind over a Lynx    Hind over the Southern HAS site!!!!