Visit to the SEAE Arborfield, 22nd July 2009

    A visit was arranged here following the recent arrival of the former 8 Flt Agusta A.109AM which has previously been operating in support of Special Forces operations with the SAS. The A.109s have only recently been replaced in service by Eurocopter Dauphins, and this elusive airframe was of particular interest to a number of members of the group.

    SEAE at Arborfield trains up future Army Air Corps technicians who go on to repair and maintain a variety of types including Lynx and Apache helicopters, and it is here that the potential technicians can be trained and assessed, and the ones who don't make the grade can be weeded out.

   Following our groups arrival and signing in to the unit, we were escorted to view some Lynx helicopters which were outside in the sun as part of some students "in the field" examinations. Then back to the main hangar and we were given a free and complete access to view and photograph all the helicopters contained there.

Aircraft noted during the visit:-

XP848 Scout AH1 Preserved at SEAE gate
ZJ449 Phoenix Preserved at Museum car park
XP855 Scout AH1
XP899 Scout AH1
XR601 Scout AH1
XT623 Scout AH1
XT633 Scout AH1
XV124 W Scout AH1
XZ325 Gazelle AH1
XZ332 Gazelle AH1 c/n 1661
XZ333 Gazelle AH1
ZA735 Gazelle AH1
ZA769 Gazelle AH1
TAD001 Gazelle Pod only
TAD015 Gazelle AH1 (ZB668)
TAD017 Gazelle AH1 c/n 1159, (XW888)
TAD018 Gazelle AH1 c/n 1160, (XW889)
TAD019 Gazelle AH1 (XW912)
TAD021 Gazelle AH1 c/n 1096, (XW860)
TAD023 Gazelle AH1 (XX454)
XZ170 Lynx AH7/9
XZ172 Lynx AH7
XZ187 Lynx AH7 665 Sqn badge
XZ188 Triangle Lynx AH7
XZ207 Lynx AH7 No boom
XZ666 Lynx AH7
ZE381 Triangle Lynx AH7
TAD007 Lynx "MECH1"
TAD009 Lynx Gloss light grey
TAD011 Lynx
TAD012 Lynx
TAD013 Lynx Mk.28 c/n WA028, G-BFDV, (QP30)
TAD16 A Lynx Mk.28 c/n WA034, (QP32)
ZE412 A.109AM White scheme, with red and blue trim

As usual, our members donations went directly to the host unit, whom we thank for their time and courtesy in arranging and hosting our visit.