Visit to the Boulton and Paul Project at Wolverhampton, 2nd February 2009

Models depicting the Boulton Paul aviation lineage

Defiant replica    The Boulton and Paul Project at Wolverhampton is run in an effort to retain the name of Boulton and Paul in the public consciousness. The volunteers here are determined to ensure that the company name is not just quietly relegated to the history books, and are going about this with much enthusiasm, supported by GKN Dowty.

Boulton Paul P6 replica    Our visit commenced during a wintry Black Country afternoon, and we were welcomed into the building with cups of tea by Jack, a tremendous host and guide, with copious knowledge and anecdotes of all things Boulton and Paul. Whilst warming up with our complementary drinks, we were treated to a brief but informative narrative from Jack about the inception of the company in Norwich during the 18th century, through it's major aircraft building highlights, to it's eventual demise in the 1960's.

    We then proceeded on a guided tour of the building and exhibits, with Jack again providing us with an insight and greater understanding and awareness of the work that is currently being undertaken, and the long term aims of the group.

Gnat cockpit simulator    We were given free reign to take as many photographs as we liked, with Jack being available to answer any questions we had.

    As is the norm for our visits, we collected a contribution from each visiting member and donated this to our hosts as way of thanks for their time and efforts.

   I can thoroughly recommend a visit here, as there are a surprising amount of exhibits, and the staff are extremely knowledgeable and dedicated.

Listed below are the aircraft noted during our visit:-

ET-272 Hunter T7 Ex RDAF, nose section
N3378 Defiant I Wreckage
"PD685" Cadet True identity unconfirmed
VP519 Anson C19 Nose section
WJ576 Canberra T17 Nose section
WN149 Balliol T2
WN534 Balliol T2 Cockpit section
WT877 Cadet TX3
WZ755 Grasshopper TX1
XR662 Jet Provost T4

Finally, thanks go to Mick Boulanger for assisting in the organisation of our visit.