Visit to RNAS Culdrose, HMS Seahawk, 23rd February 2009

Culdrose 2009, were you with Jacks Tours?

    An early start from Suffolk was needed to get all the way down to Cornwall for a 9am visit. However, the long journey was more than worthwhile as we were treated to an extremely thorough tour around the many units based here.

    Our group were taken round by minibus to all the main units on the airfield and we couldn't have asked for a more understanding host, for whom no request of ours was too difficult.

FRADU Hawk ramp

    At MDMF we were greeted by the facilities manager who showed us all the Merlins they were working on, and gave us a good understanding of the pulse lines they operate.

    792 NAS are soon to be no more as they hand over their fleet targeting responsibilities to QinetiQ at Aberporth, so we were fortunate to be able to visit them for one of the last times.

The SFDO "Dummy Deck" was in full operation

Listed below are the aircraft noted during our visit:-

WF225 CU Sea Hawk Preserved

ZH802 DD-02 Sea Harrier Stored in building W11

(XV786) 123 Harrier nose inside the Fire Station

XX476 CU-561 Jetstream Hangar C1
XX478 CU-564 Jetstream Flightline
XX481 CU-560 Jetstream Flightline
XX484 CU-566 Jetstream Hangar C1
XX486 CU-567 Jetstream Flightline
XX487 CU-568 Jetstream Flightline
XX488 CU-562 Jetstream Flightline
ZA111 CU-565 Jetstream Flightline

XV706 L-017 Sea King ETS
XV708 Sea King boom section only in ETS

Sea King ASaC7    Appropriate gate guard for HMS Seahawk    100 years of Naval Aviation

XV647 28 Sea King 771 NAS Hangar D1
XV648 CU-18 Sea King 771 NAS Special marks Hangar D1
XV670 uncoded Sea King 771 NAS Hangar D1
XV673 27 Sea King 771 NAs Flightline
ZA130 19 Sea King 771 NAS Flightline
ZA134 uncoded Sea King 771 NAS Hangar D2
ZA137 20 Sea King 771 NAS Flightline
ZA167 22 Sea King 771 NAS Flightline

XX159 Hawk Flightline Special marks
XX168 168 Hawk Hangar C3
XX170 170 Hawk Hangar C3
XX198 Hawk Flightline, flew
XX205 Hawk Flightline
XX217 217 Hawk Flightline 208 Sqn marks
XX221 221 Hawk Flightline
XX244 244 Hawk Hangar C2
XX261 Hawk Hangar C3
XX281 Hawk Hangar C3
XX303 Hawk Hangar C3
XX316 316 Hawk Flightline, flew
XX330 330 Hawk Hangar C2
XX337 Hawk Flightline

771 NAS SAR Sea King    Sea Harrier on the Dummy Deck    824 NAS Merlin

ZH822 Merlin MDMF storage
ZH823 Merlin MDMF storage
ZH825 Merlin MDMF storage
ZH827 80 Merlin Arthur 824 NAS Hangar E1
ZH831 Merlin 814 NAS hangar
ZH833 85 Merlin Garheris MDMF
ZH834 86 Merlin Tristan 824 NAS Hangar E2
ZH836 87 Merlin Gareth 824 NAS Hangar E1
ZH837 10 Merlin MDMF
ZH838 64 Merlin MDMF
ZH839 83 Merlin Guinevere 824 NAS Hangar E2
ZH840 Merlin 829 NAS Flew
ZH841 82 Merlin Bors 824 NAS Hangar E2
ZH842 Merlin MDMF
ZH845 265 Merlin 814 NAS hangar
ZH846 81 Merlin 824 NAS Flightline
ZH847 13 Merlin MDMF
ZH855 37 Merlin MDMF
ZH856 Merlin MDMF
ZH857 Merlin MDMF
ZH858 Merlin MDMF
ZH861 84 Merlin Gawaine 824 NAS Hangar E1
ZH862 Merlin 824 NAS Hangar E2
ZH864 Merlin MDMF
ZJ120 D Merlin MDMF
ZJ123 J Merlin MDMF
ZJ130 O Merlin MDMF

ZA126 91 Sea King ASaC Flightline, flew
XV707 84 Sea King ASaC Flightline
XV697 81 Sea King ASaC Flightline, flew
XV671 83 Sea King ASaC Hangar B3
XV656 85 Sea King ASaC Hangar B3 
XV649 80 Sea King ASaC Hangar B3

Matthew trying to figure out what it is!

ZJ612 Meteor Mirach 792 NAS
ZJ587 Meteor Mirach 792 NAS
ZJ723 Meteor Mirach 792 NAS
ZJ662 Meteor Mirach 792 NAS
ZJ617 Meteor Mirach 792 NAS
ZJ615 Meteor Mirach 792 NAS
ZJ583 Meteor Mirach 792 NAS

XW999 Chukar Preserved in 792 NAS
(XZ791) Shelduck Preserved in 792 NAS
ZG347 Chukar Preserved in 792 NAS

XV371 DD-61 Sea King SFDO
XV654 DD-05 Sea King SFDO
XV657 DD-32 Sea King SFDO
XZ440 DD-40 Sea Harrier SFDO
ZD611 Sea Harrier Outside SFDO
ZE690 DD-90 Sea Harrier SFDO
ZE692 DD-92 Sea Harrier SFDO
ZD579 DD-79 Sea Harrier SFDO
ZH797 DD-97 Sea Harrier SFDO
ZH798 DD-98 Sea Harrier SFDO
ZH803 DD-03 Sea Harrier SFDO
ZH813 DD-13 Sea Harrier SFDO
ZF641 DD EH.101 SFDO
ZB603 DD-T03 Harrier SFDO
ZD990 DD-T90 Harrier SFDO
XX510 DD-69 Lynx SFDO

Jetstream flightline