Visit to Predannack, 23rd February 2009

    Predannack is a relief landing ground situated a few miles south of Culdrose. It is used for helicopter training to take a little of the load of Culdrose's often busy circuit.

    In addition though, it is home to a RAF Gliding School who provide air experience for cadets, and also houses a Royal Navy fire training school. This unit has a number of old aircraft and helicopters at it's disposal to help provide realistic training for fire-fighters.

ZE521 VK Viking 626 VGS
ZE527 VP Viking 626 VGS
ZE562 WK Viking 626 VGS
ZE605 XE Viking 626 VGS
ZE626 XQ Viking 626 VGS

Sea King XZ570

WT308 Canberra
XS738 U Dominie
XV753 DD-53 Harrier
XV783 DD-83 Harrier
XW271 DD-71 Harrier
XZ145 DD-45 Harrier
XZ969 DD-69 Harrier
XZ996 DD-96 Harrier
ZD667 DD-67 Harrier
XX479 CU-563 Jetstream
ZD581 124 Sea Harrier
(XZ570) Sea King
XP137 DD-711 Wessex
XS520 F Wessex
XS885 DD-512 Wessex

Dominie at Predannacks fire pits