Visit to RNAS Yeovilton, 1st November 2012

RNAS Yeovilton Gate Guard Lynx and Sea Harrier

    We had scheduled this visit in for as late in the year as possible in order to see as many of the newly delivered Lynx Wildcat helicopters as possible. With the infrequent opening of the Fleet Air Arm Museum storage facility at Cobham Hall being scheduled for November 1st, we arranged for our visit to be on this data also, to kill 2 birds with one stone for those who wished to visit the storage facility.

    Our group were taken round by minibus to all the main units on the airfield and our guide knew exactly what we wanted to see, and escorted us round in very brisk and organised fashion, with photography allowed at almost all locations..


    At the Royal Navy Historical Flight we were cordially greeted, and given an in depth insight into all the aircraft of the fleet, and their operations. We handed over our group's donation which was gratefully accepted.

    Our main target was the newly delivered AgustaWestland AW.159 Lynx Wildcats, currently being introduced into service by the Wildcat Fielding Team. Six of these helicopters have now been delivered to Yeovilton, and we were allowed free access to photograph all the aircraft inside their hangar.

Did everyone manage to get Allan in their pictures?

Listed below are the aircraft noted during our visit:-


XX240 240 Hawk
XX303 uncoded Hawk

ZG997 Defender


(773) Sea King Dump
LS326 Swordfish RNHF
G-ASZE Auster (VF552) Hangar 16
VR930 Q-110 Sea Fury RNHF
VX281 VL-120 Sea Fury RNHF
W5856 Swordfish RNHF
WB657 908 Chipmunk Stored in Hangar 16
"1377" Chipmunk (WK520) Hangar 16
WK608 906 Chipmunk RNHF
WV908 188 Sea Hawk Stored Hangar 16
WV911 C-115 Sea Hawk Stored outside RNHF
XS513 Wessex Dump
XT458 VL-P Wessex Preserved
XV755 M Harrier Dump
XW289 73 Jet Provost Hangar 16
(XW630) Harrier Dump
XW784 VL Kittywake Hangar 16
XW890 Gazelle Preserved
XZ238 633 Lynx ICE 702 NAS Hangar 8
XZ255 313 Lynx 815 NAS Flightline
XZ585 A Sea King SKAMG Hangar 5 202 Sqn marks
XZ587 C Sea King SKAMG Hangar 5 No badge
XZ588 uncoded Sea King SKAMG Hangar 5 202 Sqn marks
XZ589 E Sea King SKAMG Flightline
XZ690 300 Lynx 815 NAS Hangar 13
XZ697 316 Lynx 815 NAS Hangar 13
XZ698 642 Lynx 702 NAS Flightline
XZ722 645 Lynx 702 NAS Flightline Special Marks
XZ728 AW-326 Lynx Preserved
XZ729 415 Lynx 815 NAS Hangar 14
XZ731 302 Lynx 815 NAS Hangar 14


ZA291 N Sea King 848 NAS
ZA292 WU Sea King 845 NAS Hangar 4
(ZA293) A Sea King (845 NAS) Flew
ZA295 U Sea King 845 NAS Hangar 4
ZA298 Y Sea King 846 NAS Hangar 7
ZA312 E Sea King 846 NAS Hangar 7
ZA313 M Sea King 845 NAS Hangar 4
ZA314 WT Sea King 848 NAS
ZB507 F Sea King 848 NAS
ZB601 Harrier Dump
(ZB604) Harrier Preserved
ZD249 631 Lynx 702 NAS Hangar 8
ZD255 635 Lynx 702 NAS Flightline
ZD263 632 Lynx 702 NAS Flightline
ZD265 644 Lynx 702 NAS Hangar 8
ZD266 643 Lynx 702 NAS Hangar 8
ZD476 WZ Sea King 846 NAS Hangar 7
ZD566 452 Lynx 815 NAS Hangar 14
ZD578 000, 122 Sea Harrier Preserved
ZE425 WR Sea King 848 NAS Flightline Arctic scheme
(ZE426) WX Sea King 848 NAS Flew
ZF115 WV, R Sea King 848 NAS Arctic scheme
ZF118 O Sea King 845 NAS Flightline
ZF119 WY Sea King 848 NAS
ZF121 T Sea King 846 NAS Hangar 7 "ROYAL NAVY" titles in white
ZF557 uncoded Lynx 815 NAS Hangar 14
ZF562 301 Lynx 815 NAS Hangar 14
ZG915 Lynx AH9A 847 NAS hangar
ZH543 uncoded Sea King SKAMG Hangar 5 22 Sqn marks
(ZH800) Sea Harrier Preserved
(ZH801) Sea Harrier Preserved
ZZ403 Wildcat Hangar 17
ZZ405 Wildcat Hangar 17
ZZ406 Wildcat Hangar 17
ZZ407 Wildcat Flightline
ZZ408 Wildcat Hangar 17
ZZ410 Wildcat Hangar 17


Another great visit, and thanks go to the organisers and hosts.