Nostalgic Images

Images courtesy of David Wells. (Click here for up-to-date images.)

Luftwaffe F-4F taxi-ing to Northern HAS site

The way many Phantoms ended their lives

The scrapman awaits....

F-4F taxi-ing to 74 Sqn

A sad but common end

The scrap area filled up

A bit different to the current EC.135

Hercules C3 on 23 approach

Soesterberg based F-15 Eagle

Boeing EC-135H

Stretched Hercules C3

Visiting from the Netherlands

Beautiful Lightning wearing 56 Sqn marks

And the Phantom replacement

Unmarked USAF F-15 in the newer colours

Shiny Lightning on the pan

Tornado F3 in 56 Sqn marks

Newly painted USAF F-15

Czech AF Tupolev arriving

OCU Tornado F3 on the main pan

Finningley based Jet Provost on the main ramp

Czech AF Tupolev

65 Sqn Tornado F3

6 FTS Jet Provost

Another ex based Sqn, 23 Sqn Tornado F3

Hawks on the main pan

Another Tornado F3 operator is 11 Sqn

23 Sqn Tornado F3

A pair of Hawks

11 Sqn Tornado F3

Spanish AF F-4C whilst on exchange

RAF 101 Sqn VC-10 on the main runway

74 Sqn Phantom FGR2 landing

Spanish F-4C

101 Sqn VC-10

74 Sqn Phantom FGR2

A fairly normal 9-ship launch for 74 Sqn

Very unusual French AF Caravelle

Czech AF Antonov transport

Doubt 56 Sqn could do this!

French AF Caravelle

Czech AF Antonov