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A selection of images below illustrate current photographic opportunities.

Lynx XZ221 over the 05 threshold

Harrier ZD409 on approach to 05

Apache ZJ194 over the 05 threshold

Lynx XZ221 landing at 05

Harrier ZD409 landing on 05

Apache ZJ194 at 05 threshold

Gazelle XZ298 inbound to runway 23

Tucano ZF171 on 23 approach

Sea King ZH544 over 23 threshold

Gazelle XZ298 at 23 threshold

Tucano ZF171 landing at 23

Sea King ZH544 inbound at 23

Harrier ZG472 taken into the sun from Crash Gate 2

Vigilant ZH278 after a very short landing on 23

Islander ZG848 departing on 23, from Crash Gate 2

Harrier ZG472 from Cx Gate 2

Vigilant ZH278 from Cx Gate 2

Islander ZG848 from Cx Gate 2

Apache ZJ172 in the early evening from Crash Gate 2

Sea King ZH544 outside SAR, from Crash Gate 2

A109 on the main pan taken from Crash Gate 3

Apache ZJ172 from Cx Gate 2

ZH544 at SAR from Cx Gate 2

A109 ZE410 from Cx Gate 3

Chinook ZA679 taken from near Crash Gate 4

Apache ZJ227 outside 7 Battalion REME from Crash Gate 4

Hercules ZH865 taken from Crash Gate 4

Chinook ZA679 from Cx Gate 4

Apache ZJ227 from Cx Gate 4

Hercules ZH865 from Cx Gate 4