1985 Movements

Movements for this year:-

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Based Aircraft noted this year
56 Sqn 74 Sqn
A XV489 T ZE350 first noted with black fin 12th August
B XV501 I ZE351
C XV482 G ZE352
D XV425 E ZE353
E XV410 R ZE354
G XV461 S ZE355
J XV500 Q ZE356
L XV399 N ZE357
M XV494 H ZE358
U XV492 J ZE359
X XT902 first noted 7th February O ZE360
P ZE361
V ZE362
W ZE363 first noted with black fin 9th September
Z ZE364

Battle Damage Repair Aircraft

XX293 Hawk T1 XS458 BT Lightning T5
WJ603 Canberra B2 XE673 VL-860 Hunter GA11